What should you be importing from Chile?

Chilean products and services are highly sought after worldwide. ProChile can help foreign buyers link up with Chile’s top exporters.

Wine, copper, salmon. Chile is an exporting powerhouse. In 2010, Chilean exports stood at over $71 billion and China, the European Union and the United States were Chile’s leading trading partners with 80 percent of all purchases.

The country has an extensive export lineup that includes the food industry, mining supplies, biotechnology, global services (off shoring), and industrial logistics.

ProChile is responsible for implementing and enhancing Chile’s trade policy. It provides support to small and medium-sized Chilean enterprises, helping to encourage and diversify exports of Chilean products and services by increasing the number of export markets and companies.

As part of the Trade Commission of Chile and the General Directorate of International Economic Affairs of Chile’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ProChile has 56 trade offices and agencies located in 43 countries. It is active in 90 percent of the destination markets for Chilean exports.

ProChile Trade Commissions around the world offer no-cost expert advice to potential investors and buyers interested in Chilean products and services.

The food and drink industry is a pillar of the Chilean economy. In recent years the industry has become the second-largest currency earner, second only to mining. With sales of more than $12 billion at present food exports are expected to top $20 billion in 2015, placing Chile among the top-ten food-producing countries.

Alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks ranging from wine, pisco (a grape brandy) spirit and beer to specialty waters and fruit and vegetable juices are key components of the Chilean food industry. They account for almost 15 percent of overall food industry exports. Annual drinks and beverages exports are worth more than $1.7 billion.

Wine is Chile’s most emblematic export and the country is the world’s fifth-largest wine producer. Chile’s wine industry plans to position Chile as the leading New World producer of premium wines by 2020, increasing export revenues to $3 billion.



Beyond food and drinks, the Chilean industrial sector is a competitive global player notably in forestry, agribusiness, fisheries, aquaculture and mining. The sector lineup is complemented by innovative new entrants in fields such as cosmetics and clothing accessories. In 2010, Chile’s total industrial exports amounted to nearly $12.5 billion.

In the forestry industry, Chile has enjoyed significant growth. The great strides abroad in this industry are reflected by significant foreign sales growth in recent years and the constant development of a wide range of quality export products. In 2010, some 900 Chilean firms shipped over 360 different types of forest and lumber products with various degrees of processing to some 118 markets worldwide.

The success of the mining industry is one of the reasons behind the sustained growth and development the Chilean economy in recent decades. Chile owns vast mineral resources and is the world’s largest copper producer and exporter. Mining exports in 2010 alone exceeded $38 billion.

Copper in cathode and concentrate form is the leading mining product sold abroad but Chile is also a major iron, molybdenum, manganese, lead, zinc, gold, and silver producer. The main customers for copper exports are mostly in Asia and Western Europe but the demand for mining products is growing as well in emerging nations such as China.

With highly qualified human resources and state of-the-art technology infrastructure, Chile’s service sector (engineering, technology, architectural, design and other services) exports grew 9 percent a year in ten years. Studies expect Chile’s nontraditional service exports to be worth $5 billion a year in 2015 (IDC, 2010). ●

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Prochile’s role in attracting foreign investment
Felix de Vicente, Director of ProChile fdvincente@prochile.cl

Felix de Vicente,
Director of ProChile

In addition to promoting the export of Chilean products and services, ProChile is also an international investment facilitator thus giving strategic support to anyone interested in investing in our country. We do this through ProChile’s 55 trade commissions and trade offices in 41 countries,

Our staff worldwide can help you with these investment tools:

  • Promotion and Investment Seminars in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Investment missions and business meetings with Chilean counterparts.
  • Advise and get in touch with potential counterparts.

Our extensive network of offices hold the “Interested in Investing” forums and have all necessary information regarding orientation and advise on investment.

Foreign investment has played a decisive role in our economic growth and development. Maintaining its upward trend, it has helped to increase our country’s competitiveness, not only through resources and new markets but also through technological development and specialized know-how.
We cordially invite you to get to know our country and its products, as well as experience Chile’s uniqueness that makes it like no other country on earth. And if you are considering investing in Chile we can provide you with detailed information about the benefits and incentives for foreign investors that make Chile a leading investment platform in Latin America.